Penis Erection – Why Penis Gets Hard & Enlarged?

Healthy Penis Pride: Compliments Guys Want to Hear in Bed

Ladies, men like getting compliments on their members. When a man presents a healthy penis in which he takes pride, it’s easier for those compliments to be genuine.

Penis Pain: Avoiding the Agony of Penis Fracture

Men are understandably wary of anything that causes penis pain. A penis fracture can cause intense pain and require surgery, so avoiding this thankfully-rare situation is a must for all men.

Penis Health: 8 Foods to Eat

A healthy diet is important to the function of all parts of the body, and the penis is no exception. Here, men can learn about eight foods that promote penis health.

Penis Exposure Safety Tips for the Exhibitionist

Public or “surprise” penis exposure is a topic of interest to many men, but acting out one’s exhibitionist fantasy requires care. The following are scenarios in which displaying one’s manhood is both safe and legal.

10 Do’s And Don’ts For A Powerful, Lasting Erection

Erectile dysfunctions normally occur as men get older, but it can also affect men of all ages, whose erections can be influenced by various factors. To avoid erectile dysfunction, there are things and steps a man should and should not do!

How to Treat ED – Need A Little Extra Help In The Bedroom?

Finding natural solutions for ED can be a task. This task can become even more difficult if you are looking for remedies that will boost circulation and treat erection issues as fast as possible.

Low Penis Sensitivity: Tips to Help With Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation can be a headache and a frustration for many men. When the cause of the issue is reduced penis sensitivity, a man can learn about methods of restoring sensation.

Penis Facts: Developing Positive Male Body Image

Women aren’t the only ones to suffer body image issues. Weight and body composition are also concerns for men. But another focus of poor male body image is the penis. The following penis facts can help men cultivate a more positive body image.

Penis Odor Emergency: The Curse of Hot Summer Weather

Strong, overpowering male organ odor is unwelcome at any time. During the summer months, it can be an especially worrisome problem – and one that no man can afford to ignore.

Uncircumcised Penis Myths: Get the Facts Straight

American culture abounds with myths about the uncircumcised penis, leading to unwarranted anxieties and self-consciousness among men with foreskin. Dispel some common misconceptions here.

Penis Irritation: When Masturbation Is to Blame

Penis irritation, usually marked by redness, soreness and dry skin, can be alarming. While any abnormality warrants a trip to the doctor, guys should be aware that the source may be their masturbation technique.

Dry Penis Skin in the Summer: Prevention Tips

Summer is here, which means that men are going to be spending a lot of time at the beach or pool – and running the risk of dry penis skin. Here’s how to help prevent that.

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