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Fighting Penis Odor Starts at Home

Charity begins at home, and so do efforts to battle persistent penis odor. A guy needs to take a look at many factors, not just how well he washes himself.

Grow or Show? (Hint, It’s Not What You Think!)

Have you ever heard the phrase “grow or show”? What does it refer to? And what is the difference?

Penis Size: Grower Vs. Shower?

Grower or shower? Whichever the answer regarding penis size when soft, it’s important to realize that skill and health are key factors in maintaining sexual satisfaction.

Serious Penis Problems: How to Eradicate Pubic Lice

Among the variety of penis problems a man might develop, pubic lice can be one of the most embarrassing – and annoying. Here’s how to eradicate them.

Sex Tips for Penis Care: Get Cooking in the Kitchen

There are sex tips for just about every room in the house, including the kitchen. Use this room not just to cook food but to cook up a good time with a partner.

Testicle Pain & Symptoms That Identify Genital Conditions And Treatment Tips For A Swollen Scrotum

Remember not all testicle pain is down to testicular cancer if this is a worry at the back of your mind. Of course you will be examined for disease of this type that is, if the doctor has no answer as to the cause of the pain at the time of consultation. It’s natural to show concern, but try not to fret as it could be over little or nothing. And for the record some cancers don’t bring pain.

Want a Longer Erection? Words of Wisdom on Longer, Stronger Erections (& Better Sex to Boot)

Why won’t my erection grow? What is the best way to increase my sexual stamina in the sack? Is staying power something that gets better with experience?

Masturbation Showcase: Performing for a Partner

Masturbation is part of most men’s lives – a part they don’t always share with their partner. Yet many women would be interested in seeing their mate masturbate.

Penis Odor: Strategies to Beat It

Guys needs appropriate strategies when going up against a rival or an enemy – and that includes penis odor. Bring this problem to its knees before it harms relationships.

4 Vital Ways To Help Prevent The Genital Infection Male Thrush & Treat It If It Affected The Penis

A condition described common says it is not something to be ashamed of. Common means it’s popular, and you’re not the only sufferer so therefore nothing to be embarrassed about. Men tend to hold back seeing a doctor due to embarrassment assuming the doctor thinks the alleged thrush is the outcome of doing something naughty.

Controlling an Itchy Penis Through Careful Diet

When a man is dealing with jock itch, the troubles of his itchy penis are no laughing matter. Fortunately, he might be able to alleviate the itch by eating the right foods.

Penis Papules: Do Home Treatments Really Work?

Got penis bumps? That might be penis papules. Many men try homemade remedies to alleviate penis papules, but it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t.

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