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Choosing a Penis Health Creme – How the Right Formula Really Can Make Sex Better

Better penis health can be at a man’s fingertips if he focuses on proper care. This means choosing products that are formulated with a man’s unique needs in mind.

Winterize the Penis – Hot Tips to Avoid Cold Weather Damage

The winter nights are great for snuggling under the covers, but a night of romance could quickly fizzle if the penis is not up to par. Here are some quick tips for prepping the manhood for the cold-weather months ahead.

Oversensitive Penis – Experience More Pleasurable Sensations in 4 Easy Steps

It is common for men of all ages to struggle with some degree of penile sensitivity loss – over 87% of men report reduced sensation, some even in their teens and early twenties. On the other hand, a significant number of men experience the opposite problem – an oversensitive penis. Whether this means that a man is prone to premature ejaculation, or his glans is too sensitive to touch at all without causing discomfort or pain, oversensitivity can be a major problem and seriously diminish a man’s confidence and quality of life.

At Home Penis Enlarging Tricks

Believe it or not there are some very effective at home penis enlarging tricks which can get you looking bigger almost immediately. These are great for hitting the showers or just before having sex with your partner.

Better Sex in 5 Easy Steps – Hints for Breaking Out of a Bedroom Slump

When a couple’s sex life cools down, it’s time to take action to stoke the fires of passion. Learn 5 unexpected ways to rev up a boring sex life, starting tonight!

Understanding Male Sexual Problems

Though a topic like sexual dysfunction may seem extraordinarily private, to be properly evaluated and addressed you need to be able to talk openly and honestly with a health professional to regain a more satisfying sex life. To get to the heart of the matter you will need to evaluate your relationships, partners, past sexual history, possible depression, history of trauma, or other stresses in your life that may be inhibiting your ability to respond sexually. A health care provider may take you through the following steps: 1…

It Was Just Sex – Advice for Working Through an Affair

Working through an affair may be the most difficult thing any couple has to do together. Infidelity may be a deal breaker, but with hard work, many couples do stay together.

Advantages of Multivitamins For Men

Males for certain require a dietary supplement. The average North American male diet requires 125% more fruit and an increase of 350% in dark Green Vegetables in order to meet National Recommendations.

Opening The Door To Prostate Health and Enlargement Formulas

There is a little birdie that says Prostate Problems no longer affects only men over 40 but younger men as well. This statement is unfortunately true, however, one need not worry because medical science has improved and the years of research have now finally paid off. We will ‘pull the plug’ on the bad news about Prostate Cancer and open the doors on ways to improve prostate health. If we understand the purpose of the prostate and the conditions that affect its proper functioning, we will be able to explain the causes, and then find the right formula or treatment for the prognosis. In addition, we will look further into preventative maintenance to keep our prostates healthy for optimum sexual experience. What better place to start our discussion than the bedroom

What Is ED – And What It Isn’t!

Gaining an erection is not only essential for sex, but also forms a part of male identity and psychological wellbeing. Here we will discuss what this condition is all about and the best cure for it.

Sex at 7:10 – Maintaining a Healthy Physical Relationship When There’s Never Any Time

The busier life gets, it seems, the less time couples have for intimacy. Learn how to beat the no time for sex blues with some simple steps to rekindle the romance.

Penis Pimples or MC Infection – How to Tell the Difference

To some extent, having an itchy penis is part and parcel of being a man. It’s going to itch occasionally, but sometimes, there are specific reasons for that scratchy, uncomfortable feeling. If a man inspects his tool and discovers that it has some small, raised papules or bumps, these could be nothing more than penis pimples; but they could also signal a fairly common infection.

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