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Ayurveda: A Perfect Cure For Night Discharge Treatment

The Ayurvedic medicines harbor treatment for various diseases. These medicines are also very effective in treating various sexual deficiencies in men. The Nocturnal emission or night fall is a nightmare for various men. In this, the men ejaculate involuntarily during the sleep due to dreams or because of the hormones.

Erect Penis Usefulness: Motivational Masturbation

There are numerous ways to use an erect penis for fun, including masturbation in all of its many guises. Sometimes, masturbation becomes an excuse to forego activities or responsibilities. But men can train themselves to use masturbation in a motivational fashion as well.

Prostate Biopsy, MRI, PSA, and Prostate Cancer

A conventional prostate biopsy is Jurassic in comparison to imaging and MRI-guided prostate biopsies. It is important to know your options and discuss these with your health care provider.

Itchy Penis Irritants: Checking One’s Environment

An itchy penis can be a cause of annoyance and embarrassment for any man. Keeping an eye out for irritants in the environment can help decrease chances of itchiness.

Penis Pain and Masturbation: Tips for Relief

Masturbation is a regular enjoyable activity for many men, one which provides release of sexual tension and helps reduce anxiety. But sometimes penis pain can result from this activity, necessitating treatment.

Tips for Better Beard Growth and Beard Maintenance

Growing a beard takes time and since the wait is so long, make sure to read these tips for growing a healthy beard. Here are some of the best ways to help you grow your best beard ever.

Diminished Penis Sensation: Tips on What to Do

Heightened penis sensation is one of the key factors in an enjoyable sex life. Yet sometimes a man experiences a diminishment in this area. The following tips may help men deal with this situation.

Sore Penis Predicament: The Over-Stimulation Situation

Men enjoy few things more than a well-handled penis, but sometimes handling leads to over-stimulation – and that leads to a sore penis. Taking steps to avoid this situation is a good idea.

Penis Health: The Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for the proper functioning of many bodily systems. Men may be surprised to learn that sufficient levels of this vitamin are crucial for penis health.

Penis Health and Obesity: Is There a Connection?

Maintaining a healthy body weight is a good idea in general, but it also helps maintain penis health specifically. Controlling obesity can have a positive impact overall.

Erect Penis Problem: What to Do With a Noticeable Bulge

There are times when an erect penis is definitely wanted by a guy. Other times, sporting a noticeable bulge in a public situation may not be desirable – and needs to be addressed.

Penis Pain and Cycling: Prevention and Relief Tips

There is nothing quite like the cycling lifestyle for staying healthy, yet penis pain can be a common occurrence for many men. Preventing and treating that pain is essential.

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