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A Masturbation Coach: Yes or No?

One of the great things – or one of the many great things – about masturbation is the fact that it doesn’t require training. People instinctively teach themselves how to masturbate. Sure, guys may discover different ways to masturbate, but the basic means of masturbation are pretty much self-taught.

Want a Healthy Penis? Look to Overall Health

Penis care goes well beyond just dealing with the health of a man’s favorite tool. A man’s overall health always has an effect on his healthy penis.

Handsome Penis 101: Understanding Stretch Marks

Men who want a handsome penis might cringe at the thought of stretch marks on their member. But the truth is that stretch marks are more natural than a guy might think.

Penile Schwannoma Could Disfigure a Handsome Penis

A handsome penis is more attractive to potential mates and partners. The presence of a large Schwannoma on the penis can be disfiguring and off-putting.

Aaargh! Jock Itch Gets in the Way of Cycling

The need to scratch that accompanies jock itch is so intense that it can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. And it can distract a man from focus on his cycling.

The Healthy Penis Primer: How to Spot Sex Addiction

A healthy penis isn’t just about the penis itself – it’s also about what a man does with it. Sex addiction can be a strong threat to keeping a penis healthy.

Having a Handsome Penis Also Requires This Additional Element

A man might have an incredibly handsome penis, but oral sex could turn off his partners. Why? Perhaps the flavor of his semen leaves something to be desired.

Utilizing Sex Toys With a Bent Penis

When a man has a severely bent penis, it can cause problems in terms of penetrative sex. But does it preclude the use of sex toys for such a man?

Preventing Hives (and Their Penis Bumps)

Smooth, clean, and clear penis skin is what potential partners look for, and they may be turned off when they encounter penis bumps instead. If hives are responsible, a guy needs to prevent their recurrence.

Penis Piercing: Practicing Great Penis Care While Healing

Some men enjoy adorning their penis with piercings. But it’s important to keep up with solid penis care when adding a piercing to the penis.

Penis Skin and Vitamin E: The Winning Combination

Though the penis is a hearty organ, the penis skin can be rather delicate. That’s why it’s so important to ensure good penis care regimens include the use of a moisturizer that will protect and heal the skin on a daily basis. When looking for a great penis health crรจme, one of the top ingredients should be vitamin E.

Penis Rash After Sex: Some Likely Culprits

An otherwise handsome and attractive penis may hive its appearance marred significantly by the presence of a penis rash. If it occurs after sex, could sex be the cause of its appearance?

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