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5 Terrible Male Enhancement Myths You MUST Avoid Or Risk Getting No Results (And Worse)

How would you like to ensure you get an amazing penis size? Avoid these 5 terrible myths about male enhancement…

Poor Penis Blood Flow Can Lead to Less Enjoyable Orgasm and Sexual Dysfunction

When maximizing sexual satisfaction in men, circulation is key. Blood needs to travel efficiently through the circulatory system for the penis to achieve a healthy erection and orgasm.

Five Tips for Increasing Penis Sensitivity Without Drugs

Although numerous medications are available for treating penile sensation these are not always necessary and may have unpleasant side effects. Here are tips that can help men treat decreased penis sensation without harmful drugs.

Lasting Longer in Bed Exercises – Training to Stop Early Ejaculation

Using these techniques as ways to make yourself last longer in bed or stop early ejaculation will take time and effort. Do not expect mastery of your ejaculation response or even an increase in duration of sex for at least a month of training each day. Just don’t give up.

Alternative Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): Pills and Supplements

If you or someone you love displays the symptoms of low testosterone levels, also known as Low-T, then you will want to learn as much as you can about the various methods of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). In this article we take a look at oral therapy (pills and supplements) to determine if it is a valid and effective form of treatment.

White Bumps on Penis – Why They Appear

White bumps on the penis may be a symptom of a serious underlying issue that requires medical attention or it may be a situation that can easily be treated. Every guy should know what to do when this health issue occurs.

Frequent Ejaculation Linked to Reduced Risk of Prostate Disease

Far from being unhealthy, frequent masturbation may actually help reduce a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer. The following article addresses the benefits of frequent ejaculation, with an emphasis on maintaining penis health and sensitivity.

Improve Penis Power With Superfoods

The foods men eat may have a pronounced effect on the health of their penis. Foods containing vitamins and minerals specific to penis health support sexual function, nerve transmission and testosterone levels when consumed regularly. While it is possible to support penis health through eating specific superfoods, it can be hard to achieve every single day.

Sore and Red Penis – What Causes It and What Helps

Men of all ages are susceptible to red penis and soreness, even if they are not sexually active. Most instances of penis redness are not an indication of a serious condition, but it can be extremely uncomfortable, not to mention causing embarrassment and anxiety. Understanding the factors that can result in a sore, red penis is the first step to resolving numerous common penis problems.

Got Pseudo-Gynecomastia? What Not To Do – And What To Do If You Want To Lose Your Man Boobs

Many modern men are now suffering from man boobs. If you have them caused by pseudo-gynecomastia, read on to discover what not to do and what to do instead if you want to remove them.

Kegel Exercises for Men – Learn How You Can Last Longer Now

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a very common sexual dysfunction found in almost half of all men. The psychological effects of the embarrassment and humiliation caused by this disorder are enormous and more often than not go untreated. Erectile dysfunction (ED), a related dysfunction, received prominence when the cure was accidentally discovered during the clinical trials for a heart drug (sildenafil citrate) and successfully marketed by the major drug companies. PE, on the other hand, has been recognized for just as long as ED but the topic is still taboo amongst most men and couples. The irony is that your early ejaculation woes can be successfully treated in your own home without taking any mind or body altering drugs and at very little cost.

Men And Attractive Abs

Vaser for men is the minimum intrusive procedure of removing the unwanted fat. The biggest gain in undergoing this procedure is that unlike the traditional liposuction the new vaser procedure provides a natural looking outcome. The surgeon applies anaesthesia and then with ultrasonic power breaks through the cells to eliminate the excess body fat.

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