Shock Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Supporting Penis Function Through Yoga

Even Don Juans are anxious to support their penis function. Guys with such an interest may want to think about adding yoga to their regular exercise routines.

The Best Solution for a Sore Penis

Many men jump into bed with their eager partner and enjoy several hours of fun, but at the end of it, they are often red and sore. That sore penis is often worn as a badge of pride, as it means a man has put his equipment to very good use. But if the penis is always sore after a good bedroom session, it might mean that a guy should try something a little different.

Guide to Choosing Incontinence Products for Men

Incontinence is a very personal health issue. This also means that each person suffering from incontinence has his or her own personal needs. However, the industry produces incontinence products for men in uniform size. It is, therefore, likely that a person suffering from incontinence may get the best quality products yet not being able to get solutions to their problems because the product is the wrong size or of the wrong absorption level. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to get the right product. Here is a guide that could make it easy for anyone to select a product that provides them with peace of mind by keeping them clean and dry all the time.

Penis Injury Prevention Tips

It’s only common sense: A guy who is serious about good penis care is going to want to avoid any penis injury. When a penis injury occurs, a guy can be out of commission, which is no fun – and a big penis injury or a series of small ones can even do long-term damage. Clearly, prevention is the way a man wants to go here.

Best Vitamins For Erections – Are You Ready To Have The Best Sex Life?

Understand what can cause the inability to achieve and keep an erection hard enough for sex. Here are some possible natural treatment options.

Maintain Penis Health With an STD Protection Primer

In the quest for good penis health, men already know they must avoid STDs at all costs. But there are some misconceptions out there that might put men at risk; therefore, we present an STD protection primer.

Penis Problems: When Erectile Dysfunction Is Psychological

In the world of penis problems, few are more concerning than erectile dysfunction. But what is there is no physical component, and the doctor claims the issue is all psychological?

Penis Bumps Caused by Lichen Nitidus

Penis bumps can mar the appeal of an otherwise attractive manhood. Lichen nitidus causes very small penis bumps, but they can still be disorienting and distracting to a partner.

Rank Penis Odor in a Pal: How to Tell Him

A guy’s own penis odor puts him in a bad predicament, but what about when his pal has a really bad case? Telling another guy his penis stinks can be difficult.

When Penis Bumps Are Due to Hives

An outbreak of penis bumps can mar the appearance of an otherwise handsome penis. This is especially the case with hives, which can significantly alter the look of a member.

Autofellatio: Erect Penis Fun for One

Although not for everyone, many men have gazed at their erect penis and wondered about the possibility of engaging in autofellatio. Doing so successfully requires some advance work and preparation.

Presenting a Handsome Penis During Naked Yoga

When a man is planning on naked yoga, he will need to make sure he presents a handsome penis for the other people in the class. Here’s how he can accomplish this.

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