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Penis Enlargement: Fact, Fiction and Favorite Techniques

Since the dawn of time, men have been trying to find ways to enhance the size of the penis. Whether this was because of having a naturally small size or just due to wanting a little extra, humankind has devised many methods for attempting to enlarge the penis. From pills to pumps to weights, there are many methods available to try, but none of them have the intended effects, and some are actually potentially very dangerous.

Guys And Doctors Don’t Mix When It Comes To Sexual Health Matters!

It is common knowledge that most men shop around to buy aphrodisiac products on the internet; the main reason is because they are desperate to get their hands on something that will help spice up their love life without having to go to their doctor, but is it a risky business to go and buy these things before carefully checking up on them to make sure they won’t do you harm. Big problem! The fact of the matter is that, for most men, any consultation with their doctor, even a quick 10 minutes in the hot seat, regarding any aspect of their sex life is completely out of the question – They are just too darned embarrassed!

Hormones and Other Secondary Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Many doctors and researchers feel that hormones may have a role in premature ejaculation. During sexual intercourse, there are many different hormones that your body releases. These hormones as well as other chemicals can directly affect your ability to control or prolong your ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation and Methods to Delay Ejaculation

Millions of men worldwide suffer with premature ejaculation. In this article we will discuss the problem and commonly used methods to delay ejaculation.

Safely Enlarge Your Penis: 5 Things That Will Make It Safe And 5 Things That Will Make It Dangerous!

I’m pretty sure that if you are interested in making your manhood bigger, that safely enlarging your penis is certainly a priority. Am I right? Well, ensuring that you get safe development with your manhood rests with which type of enlargement option you choose. In today’s article I’m going to talk about 5 things that will make your growth safe, natural, and permanent, and also 5 things that can make your development dangerous and filled with side-effects and pain. Take a few minutes out of your day and read on to find out more. I hope that by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make a wise decision on which type of enlargement method you should go with.

Men’s Cologne And Aftershave

Men’s fragrance has been used throughout history and has been used to charm and attract women. There have been immense changes in the formulation and fragrances available.

Why Penis Pumps Do and Do Not Work for Men!

When most men think about why other men buy a penis pump they think they are buying it for one reason and that is to increase size or girth. But fact is that most penis pumps only increase length and size for a short amount of time.

Curing Premature Ejaculation Is Not Impossible

Although it is a bit more difficult than curing the flu or the common cold. PE is a complex disorder and one that may take several treatment attempts in order to find one that is completely effective. PE is a condition that affects many men of all ages and is often developed during the early adolescent years.

Myth About Penis And Condom Sizes

Without further explanation, I’m sure that everybody is well familiar with condoms and their purpose of usage. Using a condom is probably the best and safest method to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease or otherwise commonly known as STD.

How the Best Natural Penis Enlargement Pills Work to Give You a Bigger Manhood Safely

Gone are the days when you had to accept your body for the way it was. You no longer have to face the derision of the better endowed. From tummy tucks to face lifts and breast implants to male enhancement, a euphemism for penile enlargement, you can improve on nature and have the last laugh. Natural penis enlargement pills made from tried and trusted herbs and natural ingredients are a popular choice, as they are considered less hazardous than stretching devices or surgery. Find out why and how they work inside…

3 Penis Enlargement Lies That You Need to Know

The penis enlargement industry is said to be one of the few industries that are suffering from prevalent lies and deceptions. As a matter of fact, manufacturers of male enhancement products will promise everything just to get people to purchase their product. Unfortunately, most of these promises are not delivered, which further encourage myths and doubts regarding penis enlargement.

How Natural Male Enhancers Work To Boost Your Sexual Prowess

In today’s increasingly image-centered world, self-image counts for a lot. For men with confidence problems associated with their body, a great way to augment a change in their body image is by using the best natural male enhancers. The reasons for the huge market for these sexual enhancers is that there are many men in the world who have low self-esteem, to whom body-image becomes that much more important. These men are the losers in teenaged locker room comparisons; the ones who feel inadequate after exposure to pornography; people who have chronic problems with either getting or maintaining an erection or sometimes, just men who are depressed. For all of the above, natural male enhancers appear first, to be dubious, but after a little research, there’s good reason for them to harbor hope for themselves. The explanation’s simple – these herbal penis enhancement products actually do work. Find out why inside…

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