Superfoods to Increase Male sex hormone testosterone naturally: Dr. Magesh.T

The Dangers of Cortisone Cream for an Itchy Penis

When a man has a relentless itchy penis, he might be tempted to turn to cortisone to ease the problem. However, some penis problems could result.

An Itchy Penis Might Be Due to Compression Shorts

On the list of big issues, an itchy penis doesn’t rate high – but it’s an annoyance all the same. Men who wear compression shorts need to take special care to avoid an itchy penis.

Penis Odor Solutions: Back to Basics

Penis odor is a year-round problem, not just relegated to the hot summer months. There are solutions for this problem and a guy is encouraged to seek them out.

Stretch Marks on Penis Skin: Natural or Worrisome?

Many men wind up with stretch marks on their penis skin, but they don’t understand why. Here’s what a man should know about these sometimes unsightly marks.

Vitamin D: Good for Overall Health and Penis Health

Vitamin D has long been known as a boon to overall health. But it’s also very important for penis health as well.

Everything a Man Needs to Know About Penile Cancer

Though it is very rare, many men worry about penis cancer happening to them. That’s why it’s so important to know what the signs are and when to see a doctor.

Correlation Between Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Smoking can be described as breathing-in and out of smokes emanating from a burning tobacco in cigars, pipes, and cigarettes. Tobacco is known to have what is called nicotine (a toxic alkaloid) and some other dangerous constituents such as carbon (II) oxide CO, ammonia NH3, prussic acid, acrolein, aldehydes, and tars. It is one of the difficult habits to break.

Nude Activities for Healthy Penis Skin

Proper care and moisturization can pay off in healthy penis skin. But sometimes just engaging in nude activities can also have beneficial results.

Diet and Penis Function May Be Related

Diet can have a big impact on a guy’s waistline – but it can mean more than just packing on or taking off pounds. It can also impact his penis function significantly.

Itchy Penis Primer: Pubic Lice

It sometimes seems as if there are an infinite number of causes of an itchy penis. When the cause is pubic lice, though, a man wants to take steps to fix the problem right away.

Vitamin B5 and the Healthy Penis

Certainly a healthy penis is a goal shared by all men. In pursuit of that goal, it is important that the penis is exposed to appropriate levels of vital nutrients, including vitamin B5.

What to Do When Nothing Relieves a Sore Penis

A sore penis is nothing new to most men, but what happens if the sore penis never goes away? It’s known as male dysaesthesia, and it’s a serious problem for some.

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