The black market for the blue pill

5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Doing in 2019

Plain old doggy style is so yesterday. Instead, try the hottest sex positions trending in 2019 to boost a man’s lover level.

The Healthy Penis Diet: Foods for a Better Sex Life

What a man eats can affect his body and his performance in the bedroom. Check out this healthy penis diet for the foods men should eat for a better sex life.

5 Facts and 5 Fixes for Men With Genital Warts

It sends shocks through every man when he reaches down into his pants and fells a small cluster of tiny, raised bumps on his penis. Is it genital warts or something else?

Summertime Self-Pleasuring Hacks

Self-pleasuring is by no means a strictly seasonal activity. But this year-round pleasure pastime may require some special considerations during the hot, sweaty summer months. Title: Summertime Self-pleasuring Hacks

Penis Size: Avoiding Shrinkage

Most men in modern society are very aware of their penis size and want to make sure that no shrinkage occurs in that area. Yet sometimes penis size does diminish over time.

Small Penis Humiliation: A Few Facts

Surprisingly, the actual real-life size of a man’s penis does not reveal whether he might revel in small penis humiliation. The facts reveal a different picture.

Free Radicals and Penis Skin Don’t Mix

Healthy penis skin is one of the key components to a good-looking penis – and a good-looking penis is prone to attract more partners. One can easily see why keeping penis skin in good health is therefore a laudable goal for all men. Often, penis skin care focuses on very logical steps, such as keeping the skin well moisturized, being on the lookout for rashes and bumps, and avoiding too much direct exposure to the sun.

Erectile Dysfunction: Psoriasis, Anxiety and Depression As Factors

Men really don’t want to be confronted with erectile dysfunction issues, and with good reason. Surprisingly, sometimes psoriasis may bring about erectile dysfunction.

Don’t Ignore These Eight Penis Problems

A man should really get to know his johnson for ultimate penis health. This includes staying cognizant of penis problems and knowing how to identify or prevent them.

Excess Alcohol May Mean Excess Penis Odor

There are many things that can cause or contribute to unwanted and persistent penis odor. Too much alcohol can be one of these factors.

Foods for a Very Healthy Penis

Fire up that shopping cart! It’s time to add these seven foods to the weekly shopping list for a healthy penis.

Reasons Your Penis Is Sore After Sex

Achy penis after getting wild in the sack? Here are a few reasons your penis is sore after sex.

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