The Hidden Dangers of Male Enhancement Pills

Penis Costume: Halloween Just Got Better

Lots of people love getting creative with Halloween costumes, and men have a special opportunity in this department. A man can surprise his lover by dressing his member up in a penis costume this year.

Foreskin Facts: Dispelling Anxieties About the Intact Penis

Is foreskin “normal”? Does it impact penis health? These and other questions cause many intact men anxiety about their penises. The following facts may instill some peace of mind.

Performance Anxiety in Bed

5 Easy Tips to Overcome Performance Anxiety in Bed. The root cause is always being worried about pleasing your partner to such an extent that is all that’s on the sufferers mind. How can I please my partner with a limp penis?

Small Penis Panic: Avoiding Penile Shrinking

Most men want to avoid penile shrinking and the possibility of a small penis, yet long-term shrinkage does sometimes occur. Some lifestyle changes can help to decrease the risk of such shrinkage.

Is Penis Odor a Sexual Stimulant for Women?

Penis odor is a common occurrence in men, and some think that such an aroma may actually be a sexual stimulant for women. Does penis odor contain the pheromones that create interest?

Healthy Penis: A Must for a Nude Vacation

Going on a nude vacation can be an exciting experience, although some may initially be intimidated by it. One thing is certain: A healthy penis is a must for such a vacation.

Masturbation Clubs: An Erect Penis Adventure

An erect penis is often the source of hours of solo entertainment. But visiting masturbation clubs can be a way to make self-stimulation more of a social occasion.

Penis Enlargement Treatment: Should You Trust It?

A small penis can act as a cause of dejection for many men out there. A smaller penis might as well stand in the way of a sexual satisfaction as well as act as a source of low self-confidence.

Penis Irritation: Balanitis in the Bedroom

Men can experience many different kinds of penis irritation, including balanitis. Learning to deal with this condition is important to keep a man healthy and to remove potential obstacles to bedroom fun.

The Penis Foreskin: A Woman’s Guide

Some women are surprised when they find that a man is intact and has a foreskin. A short guide to the foreskin can aid a woman inexperienced in this area.

Coenzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine in Cardiovascular Health

The human circulatory system consists of the heart and blood vessels which include veins, arteries and capillaries. The heart is one of the most important organs in our body that pumps blood to our lungs and throughout our body. In the modern day, there are many cases of people suffering from issues related to the cardiovascular system and this has a major impact on the quality of life.

Penis-Themed Products for the Man With a Sense of Humor

There are many different products out there designed with the penis in mind. Men can get a good laugh while showing their love for the member with the following penis accessories.

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