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2 Insider Secrets to Maximizing Erection Size in Minimum Time

Rather than do a long introduction, let’s just dive right in and cover the stuff you REALLY want to know. We’re going to look at 3 simple things you can do to increase your erection size, length and strength. A quick disclaimer: These same principles apply equally as well to your “resting” size as well.

4 Top Reasons for Loss of Penis Sensitivity

When a man begins to lose penis sensitivity, he might wonder what in the world is causing it. Fortunately, most of the reasons can be handled with home care or a doctor’s help.

Penis Bumps, Sores and Blisters: What to Do

Seeing penis bumps, blisters or penis sores can be a frightening moment. Fortunately, there are many things a man can do to figure out the problem.

Food To Help Erectile Dysfunction – 5 Sexy Ways To Improve Performance

Oral medications can be a successful erectile dysfunction treatment. Many men prefer natural treatments like superfoods to help. Here’s a look at some options.

Penis Size: Length Vs Girth

Since time immemorial, men have worried about penis size. But most men worry about the length of their manhood. Should they be considering the girth as well?

Can a Sore Penis Result From Restless Legs Syndrome?

In recent years, many people have become aware of a condition known as restless legs syndrome, in which the leg experiences pain or discomfort. This brings about a significant degree of movement of the legs. It may seem a stretch to consider restless legs syndrome as a possible penis health issue, but in fact it can lead to a sore penis in some cases.

Why Priapism Happens and What to Do About It

When a man’s erection just won’t quit, it might be fun at first. But when it turns into priapism, that’s no laughing matter.

How to Increase Penis Size Through Natural Exercise (100% Drug Free)

What is the absolute easiest way to make my erection longer? Does penis stretching really work? If so… how so? What do the actual exercises look and feel like? Are they difficult? Painful? Hard to begin?

Burning Penis Pain? Maybe It’s Male Genital Dysaesthesia

Suffering from an extreme burning or stinging penis pain that perhaps is in the balls as well? This could be male genital dysaesthesia, a very painful condition.

Penis Health Tips for a Nudist Picnic

Going on a nudist excursion, such as a picnic in the buff, can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. But guys do need to take a few basic penis health steps on such occasions.

Natural Libido Boosters for Excellent Penis Health

From time to time, any man might have an issue in the libido department. When this happens, he is advised to try these natural libido boosters – and as a bonus, they’re great for penis health, too!

Erect Penis Action: Sex in the Greenhouse

While having sex in the bedroom certainly is pleasurable, many couples like to vary their routine and find new places for providing entertainment for an erect penis. In a recent survey, some familiar alternative locations scored high on the list of places couples have had sex – the shower (92%), the sofa (86%), etc. But a surprising number of people have satisfied their needs in a greenhouse – 37%.

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