The Truth About Being in a Relationship

The Relationship Between Hair Loss and Male Masturbation

Hair loss in men is very common as age progresses. Masturbation is also very common in men, so naturally there have been people that tried to use hair loss and baldness as reasons to avoid what some felt was a sinful or unnatural act. Yet if logic is applied to the issue, it is very hard to see a difference between masturbation and the normal sexual act with a partner that results in ejaculation. Both produce a climax and both result in the release of seminal fluid.

Answers to Men’s Top Hot Tub Concerns About the Penis

Hot tubs can be relaxing, warm and wonderful. They can also provide unique challenges to penis health. This article outlines common questions regarding the intersection between hot tubs and penis health.

Penis Warts: Tiny Bumps, Big Problems

While an outbreak of tiny, flesh colored warts on the penis might not always be a sign of herpes, they can be unsightly and upsetting. Some treatments for eliminating genital warts are described here.

How To Have A Good Sex Life With Male Enhancement Pills?

Keeping the body in a great shape is very important when you want to have a great sex life. Read the full article to know more.

Five Penis Health Signs Men Should Never Ignore

Like the canary in the coal mine, the penis acts as an early warning system; it is often the first indicator of potentially serious health issues. Ignoring these penis symptoms could spell trouble down the road.

Pain Pills and Hormone Deficiencies? Yes Sir!

Who would ever think that a man’s testosterone level could be affected by the long term use of narcotic pain killers? Well, it can and does, according to current evidence in the medical literature. Poor performance, sexual issues, weight gain, and many other effects can be brought on as a secondary result of using strong pain killers for an extended period of time. If you are a male experiencing the symptoms mentioned within this article and using medicines such as oxycontin, morphine, demerol, hydrocodone or any other strong pain medicine, it’s certainly suggested that you get your testosterone levels checked.

Why More Men Are Ditching Prescription Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

You have options with erectile dysfunction treatment these days, and quite a few of them. While a lot of men may speak to their doctors and seek out prescribed ED treatment methods, there are natural options that an increasing amount of men are also looking into. Find out why natural methods are becoming more popular and why they could work for you.

Vimax Pills – A Male Enhancement Product That Works!

Modern medicine has been responsible for some pretty amazing breakthroughs in many different areas of health. Thanks to the enterprising efforts of people who have lead the charge in the last hundred years or so we have been able to extend the average lifespan, live more comfortably in old age, and fight back against a range of debilitating diseases and illnesses. Even so, there is one specific area that hasn’t been attacked with the same kind of gusto and vigour that others have been, mostly because it wasn’t seen as a critical area until just recently…

WARNING! 2 Popular Tricks to Last Longer in Bed That Don’t Really Work

Q:  What is the best way to last longer in bed for a man who struggles with sexual stamina?  Is there ANY easy way to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation without seeing a doctor?  Are there any pills that work?

Effective Male Enhancement – Common Questions Answered On What REALLY Works To Get A Big Penis

You want to get a big penis, right? You want to make sure you get significant, safe, and permanent results, right? If you answered yes to both questions, take 2 minutes out of your day and read this article A.S.A.P!

How to Test for Penis Sensation Loss

Penis sensation loss is a complex problem with many potential causes. The first step in finding an answer is determining the extent of the problem – learn how to test for loss of penis feeling.

Oral Supplements or Vitamin Creams: Which Are Best for Penis Health?

The skin of the penis is subject to an intense amount of abuse from harsh detergents, rough treatment and day-to-day wear and tear. Avoiding this trauma is difficult, but vitamins can help the skin of the penis stay tender, responsive and healthy, no matter what might happen during the course of a day. The manner in which those vitamins enter the penile tissue should be considered, however, as some methods can cause men to miss out on their most important benefits.

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