This bad habit is ruining my life.

When Oral Sex Goes Wrong – Dealing With Penis Injuries

Accidental penis injuries during oral sex are not uncommon, and they can leave a man writhing in pain. Attention to sensitivity issues could keep them from happening.

Male Orgasms and Sneezing – The Weird Scientific Link Between the Two

Though the two may not seem connected, sneezing and sex comes hand-in-hand for some people. Learn more about this strange biological connection and why sex makes some men blow their load – and their nose.

Penis Rash Care – Why Specialized Treatment Is Essential

A penis rash can be uncomfortable, not to mention alarming, but in most cases, they are easily treated. Here’s why getting the right help is so important.

Diet Helps Improve Penis Size

A diet which is suitable for a gentleman can partially help improve his penis size. If the gentleman only depends on these sole foods, it may not be enough to remarkably increase his penis size; however it contributes a lot to this improvement.

Better Sex in 5 Easy Steps – Tips for a Stronger Penis

Sex should not be a stressful situation, but for men who reach orgasm too quickly, bedroom performance can be embarrassing and stressful. Learn 5 tricks for better sex.

Springtime Penis Care – Warm-Weather Guide to a Healthier, More Responsive Tool

Spring is finally (!!) in the air, and as the old saying goes, the season for lovers is here. As most guys know, when the weather starts to turn warmer, there is a certain something in the air that makes them feel friskier than ever.

Sore Penis After Sex? Here’s How to Pacify the Pain

Some sex encounters leave men with a sore penis. A few simple, at-home techniques can soothe the pain.

The Itchy Penis: Tips for Disguising the Embarrassing Scratch

The last thing a guy wants when trying to impress a sexy woman – or the boardroom – is an itchy penis. Finding ways to disguise the inevitable scratch is essential to avoid embarrassment.

Penis Health – What a Woman Should Know About Her Man’s Business

Penis health technically should be a man’s concern, but it’s good for a woman to know a few things about a sore penis as well. Some men need encouragement to maintain proper health.

Penile Cancer – What Are the Signs and Risk Factors?

Most, if not all, men are concerned about penile cancer. Thankfully, the condition is somewhat rare.

Increase Penis Engorgement Naturally – The Secret to Improved Erections

When it comes to penile function, quality is practically always more important that quantity. Learn how to naturally improve circulation to increase penis engorgement.

Low Testosterone and How to Cure It Naturally

Low testosterone is a condition where the male reproductive system produces insufficient amounts of the male hormone testosterone. The condition is also often referred as hypogonadism, which means that your gonads are either ruptured or underdeveloped.

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