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Normal Penis or Not? 7 Basic Manhood Shapes

It is well-known that the average guy is preoccupied with his penis. He may spend hours every week (or even every day) wondering whether it measures up in terms of size, shape and ability to please a partner. In fact, it’s safe to say that virtually every man has wondered at some point whether he has a normal penis; for some, this concern becomes an obsession.

Sore Penis at Turkey Time: Thanksgiving Tips for Men’s Health

Ah, Thanksgiving! For many Americans, it’s a time for sharing with families; for some men, though, Thanksgiving can bring on a sore penis for a number of reasons. Maintaining penis health means knowing what to do at holiday time to keep the package in proper shape and to address any issues that might arise.

Dry, Itchy Penis Skin: Dietary Changes May Help

Dealing with dry, itchy penis skin may be as simple as making a few dietary changes. Find out what to add and what to avoid.

Announcing: New Mental Technique To Last Longer In Bed

Here is a brand new technique on how to last longer in bed: Full Sensory Immersion. This is a technique that is more of a mental technique but it is extremely powerful if you want to learn how to last longer in bed, or if you want to make sure that you don’t prematurely ejaculate.

How to Get Harder, Stronger and Longer Lasting Erections Without Using Drugs

Living with ED is a very tough experience for most men. ED is not just a physical problem but comes with a deep psychological impact. This article lists some of the best and effective ways to help you get harder and stronger erections without using drugs.

Erectile Dysfunction – Could a Man’s Medication Be to Blame?

Erectile dysfunction isn’t only a quality of life concern; it can indicate an underlying health condition. Sometimes, though, the culprit is the medication a man takes.

Genital Herpes: Management and Prevention for Men

Genital herpes hurt, and the virus that causes the bumps can’t be cured. But there are things men can do to manage and even prevent the sexually transmitted infection.

Attention! How To Avoid Prematurely Ejaculating As Soon As Sex Starts

Okay, there are only a few other things in life that are as embarrassing as prematurely ejaculating in bed. I mean think about it, there she is waiting for sex. You have gotten her all excited and she can’t wait to have sex with you and suddenly you prematurely ejaculate and it all ends.

Easy Ways to Get Stiff and Hard Erections Naturally

ED is a common sexual problem among men. Millions of guys suffer with ED. It is a condition that can give nightmares to any man. However, it is a condition that can be corrected with changes in your diet and lifestyle. This article lists some of the best natural ways to help you get harder, stronger and longer lasting erections.

Tight Foreskin? Why Men Should Not Ignore This Painful Penis Problem

A tight foreskin can be painful and even prevent a man from engaging in sex. Men should see a doctor to avoid lasting damage.

Male Enhancement Techniques – More Risk Than Reward

Men who are concerned about their penis size sometimes turn to male enhancement techniques for relief. These methods often come with more risk than they’re worth, however.

Biggest Loser Season 16 Contestants Include Former NFL Players

Here are examples of 40 something men becoming new 40 something men! The last season of The Biggest Loser may have ended with a controversy, but now a new crop of contestants are getting their chance to lose weight on the NBC reality show – and the season 16 cast includes some familiar faces! • Howard “Woody” Carter, 46, played football in a semi-pro league and the Arena Football League.

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