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The Sexy and Surprising Benefits of Shea Butter

Men may not think their dry penis skin is a big problem, but women find smooth, healthy skin much more desirable. Learn how Shea butter keeps the skin healthy and attractive.

Penis Sensation Loss – Why an Unhealthy Lifestyle May Be to Blame

An unhealthy lifestyle can affect all aspects of a man’s well-being, and penis sensation loss is often a result of poor overall health. With the right changes, sensitivity may be improved.

Important Penis Warm Up Techniques to Follow Before Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises

Before doing penis enlargement exercises, there are various penis warm up techniques that you will need to follow first. These penis warm up techniques are vital because they will warm up your penis and prepare it for stretches, as well as help prevent injuries in the long run. Plus, if you warm up your penis properly, you will be able to reap all of the benefits that come with your penis enlargement exercises overall.

How To Get Better Erections – The Rise Of Natural Remedies For ED

Erection problems can get in the way of an otherwise happy sex life. More and more men are now switching to complimentary and alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction.

6 Foods That Increase Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide is a substance that relaxes your veins and arteries, and that occurrence will lead to a steady flow of fresh blood in to your important body parts, such as genitals and brain. High levels of nitric oxide have actually been linked to reduced cardiovascular risk, and it’s also been shown to clear plague from the arteries.

7 Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels

There are countless of everyday foods that will essentially help you to increase your low testosterone levels naturally. In this article I’m outlining 7 of those foods that will boost testosterone with ease.

6 Ways To Boost Nitric Oxide Production

This article is all about NO (Nitric Oxide) which helps your arteries and veins to relax, improving the bloodflow to your most precious parts of the body, like brain and genitals. In this article you’ll find 6 very easy natural ways to boost your nitric oxide levels naturally with ease.

Effective Penis Enlargement – How Penis Exercises and Regular Exercises Can Help

Honestly speaking, do you ever wish you had a bigger penis? Don’t worry. Most guys out there wish for the exact same thing. At the very least, most guys wish they had at least an inch more on their penis. Unfortunately, there are so many methods out there that claim to be under the category of effective penis enlargement but aren’t, so a lot of guys have become skeptical of penis enlargement altogether.

Warming Up Before Penis Enlargement Exercises: The Hot Towel Technique

Warming up before penis enlargement exercises is actually a very important practice that men tend to ignore. However, in the same way that you need to stretch before running or lifting weights, you have to warm up your penis before exercising it, as well.

Recharge Erections With a Vitamin B Energy Boost

A lagging manhood is no way to go through life. Learn how vitamin B5 can improve a man’s energy level and about the secret boost it gives to the member.

Attacking Penis Pain With Ointment – The Wrong Approach to Penis Care

Finding relief in the medicine cabinet is easy when pain strikes a finger or a toe. When penis pain strikes, however, the typical first aid ointments can do more harm than good.

Itchy Penis Control – 4 Manly Tips for Putting Out the Fire

Resisting the urge to scratch an itchy penis takes all a guy’s willpower – and even then, he eventually succumbs. Proper penis care will help a guy deal with that urge to scratch.

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