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Penis Pain May Signal Prostatitis

Penis pain is no joke, especially when accompanied by symptoms like blood in the urine or semen. Fortunately, while alarming, these symptoms may be a sign of a treatable condition.

Use L-Carnitine for Penis Skin Health

Good looking penis skin is essential for a good looking penis that will impress and delight one’s partners. A crème with L-carnitine can be especially helpful in maintaining a healthy penis.

Penis Bumps May Be Due to HPV

Few things mar an otherwise handsome penis as much as unsightly penis bumps, such as the warts that can sometimes result from HPV. Prevention of HPV is therefore key.

Some Jock Itch “Cures” That Don’t Work

Jock itch is one of the most common complaints among men, whether they are athletes or not. While it’s not a serious penis health condition, jock itch lives up to its name, often creating an itch that is impossible to ignore. And since no guy likes to be caught scratching his crotch, it behooves an afflicted man to take appropriate steps to treat this problem.

Can Bent Penis Surgery Cause Complications?

When curvature of the penis becomes a severely bent penis, a doctor should be consulted. One treatment option may be surgery, but the risks should be explored first.

Tingling and Sore Penis? Look Into Restless Genital Syndrome

Men get a sore penis for many different reasons. One little known cause is restless genital syndrome, which can cause states of persistent arousal that exhaust the penis.

Penis Blisters: 5 Causes and How to Treat Them

No doubt about it — penis blisters are unattractive, painful, and alarming. Learning to recognize these 5 types of blisters can help men to determine the best course of treatment.

Smegma Symptoms: A Normal Male Complaint?

Smegma is a dirty little thing that can turn painful if left unmitigated. Here are some smegma symptoms, causes, and how to clean things up.

Why Do I Have a Red Penis, and How Can I Treat It?

A red penis can have multiple causes, ranging from a simple allergic reaction to more serious issues. Using a penis health crème can help with chafed, rough or red penis skin.

Penis Rash Causes: Get to Know These Plants!

When a penis rash appears, interest in the penis from a partner may disappear. Knowing what plants may cause a pen is rash is essential to continued health.

Itchy Penis: 5 Tips for Hiding the Scratch

An itchy penis can be enough to drive a man to distraction., but there are some situations in which giving the penis a scratch can draw the wrong kind of attention to his penis.

Swollen, Red Penis? Balanitis May Be Caused by Bacteria

A red penis, especially one in which the redness is located near the head of the penis, is often a sign of balanitis. This condition may be caused by bacteria on the penis.

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