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Factors to Avoid When Using Penis Enlargement Techniques

Penis size is a major issue of concern in a lot of men resulting in lack of libido and low self esteem. The market today is flooded with various herbal or medicinal remedies claiming sure shot results guaranteeing enlargement of the penis. Natural exercise remedies are also safer options to explore for such problems; however certain factors need to be avoided when adopting practices to assist penile enlargement.

Penis Exercises Or Extenders? What Will Make Your Penis Longer Faster, Naturally, And Permanently?

Which is better: Penis exercises or extenders? Find out which method can increase your size by up to an extra 4 inches… naturally… and permanently…

Sperm Count – What No One Wants to Talk About

There is no doubt that average human male sperm count has declined substantially since the 1950’s. What’s going on? Theories abound, but it all boils down to pollution. It is clear from my researches & clinical work that a man with a less than optimal sperm count can improve his fertility by cleaning up his environment.

Do You Wish To Last Longer In Bed?

Learn what the definition is of PE. Some estimates say 1/3 of all men suffer from PE. Explore causes, treatments and side affects with this ailment.

The Dilemma Of Finding ED Pills That Work

Most men give up easily when they are confused about a product to help them treat or remedy erectile dysfunction. Nobody can blame them for these since such products are many and the man finds it difficult to make a decision. This article outlines a few steps and resources that might help.

Do Kegel Exercises for Men Really Help PE?

Ever hear about Kegel exercises for men? Me neither, but if you have premature ejaculation, they can help you last longer in bed. Read this article and I’ll explain how and why to use them.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Testosterone by Living Better

Did you know you can increase testosterone production by just changing how you live. Read on and get your levels back up.

What You Need To Know About HSV 1 Symptoms In Men

What do men have to face when they have cold sores? By learning the HSV 1 symptoms in men, you may stop the virus in its track and reduce the severity of the infection.

Different Exercises to Get Rid of Man Boobs Fast

As men, you want to look your best, and part of doing that means being physically fit. While six pack abs and rock hard muscles are not ideal for every man in the world, being in shape is something that most men take seriously. If you find that you’ve started to get a bit out of shape or even overweight, you may have noticed that one of the first places to take the fall was your chest area, particularly your breast. Society of course has given it a name, “man boobs” which could really make you feel even worse about having them as women are supposed to have the boobs. If you’ve found yourself in a rut and you can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of that problem area try some of these exercises you will find listed below.

How Much Is Too Much – Penis Issues and Male Masturbation Concerns

It’s safe to say that practically every male on the planet masturbates at least occasionally. The need to ejaculate and experience sexual pleasure is hard-wired, and even men who have frequent sex need the release of masturbation. Ejaculation releases hormones that reduce the effects of stress on the body, promote relaxation and boost the immune system.

Myths and Facts About Penis Health Creams

Hundreds of products claim to make the penis longer, thicker and harder, but in most cases, these claims are too good to be true. The myths and truths about penis creams are explored here.

Increased Fitness Improves Satisfaction in the Bedroom

Exercise is one of the best ways of promoting sexual health in men. Regular aerobic exercise, yoga, stretching and weight training all support male hormone balance and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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