What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? | Lifestyle Or Medical Condition?

Penis Protection: Know Your Enemies

If a man wants to practice proper penis protection, it pays to know his enemies – what he is protecting the penis from. Often it may be one of the common sexually transmitted infections.

Gym Rats, Beware of Jock Itch

Gym devotees do a tremendous job of keeping their bodies in good physical shape. But spending all that time at the gym may increase their chances of getting a bit of jock itch.

Lasting Longer May Lead to Better Sex

It’s the rare man who wouldn’t like to last longer – at least a little longer – in bed to satisfy his mate. Finding this better sex technique may take effort.

A Bent Penis Can Impact Sex Life

“Wow!” That’s the ideal response when a man presents his erect penis to a partner for the first time, along with such options as “Yes!” and “Nice!

Masturbating 101: Is It Necessary to Wash Your Hands Before and After You Masturbate?

Should a man wash his hands before and after masturbating? Read on to find out.

Omorashi Increases Penis Rash Risk

It’s absolutely true that the range of sexual experiences a person may explore is wide indeed and that there are many kinks or fetishes that may seem odd or unusual to many people but are fervently desired by some others. Some fetishes, such as those for feet and/or shoes, are widely known, but others are less so. For example, most people are probably not familiar with omorashi, which is a fetish in which a person enjoys “wetting” themselves, that is, a person enjoys urinating in their pants and/or underwear.

Protecting Penis Health: Can a Concussion Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Concussions aren’t just bad for the head on a man’s shoulders, they also might be bad for the one below the belt. Read on to learn more about how penis health can be affected as a result of a concussion.

Penis Problems: How Men Deal With Erectile Dysfunction in Their 30s

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a well-known issue for older men, but it’s also a penis problem that affects men in their 30s as well. Let’s talk about ED, its causes, and how to treat it.

Penis Bumps: Why This Common Problem Occurs

Pimples aren’t just something that happens on the face, and unfortunately, it’s not something everyone leaves behind when they walk out of high school. Penis pimples are a common occurrence for men of all ages. These penis bumps can be unsightly, annoying, and even painful, depending upon where exactly they are and what caused them.

Penis Odor: Improvements to Penis Care That Could Help

When a man slips down his pants and is hit with unpleasant penis odor, it’s time to step up penis care. Here’s what he can do to keep things smelling fresh.

Itchy Penis and Penis Rash: Is Sweat to Blame?

An itchy penis can be the bane of a man’s existence. But most men don’t know that an itchy penis, or even a penis rash, can be caused by sweat.

Penis Size Matters: How to Make the Penis Look Bigger

When a man is worried about his penis size, he will want to make it look bigger if he can. That’s why these tricks for making a small penis look bigger can work well.

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